UPDATE - January 6, 2024

Yes, the Sundog Resurrection Project is still here! You can still join the beta! Of course we've been in beta for... What... As of this date, just about eight years. Honestly, development is basically stalled at this point, for a number of different reasons. However, the good news is the game is playable from start to finish, and we'd love for you to give it a try! You can still sign up for the Beta Test (such as it is) via our Beta Test NDA Page. Just send Kailef a PM on the forums with the password that proves you signed the NDA and you'll get access to the game download.

UPDATE - October 22, 2021

Okay, so we admit that we're not the world's fastest development team. In fact, maybe we're the world's slowest development team? (Is there an award we can earn for that?) But, regardless, we are absolutely still here, and still plugging away at Sundog: Resurrected Legacy, and the Beta Test is still open and accepting applicants. Want to play Sundog on modern hardware with better graphics, that still stays true to the original game? Now is your chance! Sign up for the Beta program today through our Beta Test NDA Page and send Kailef a PM on the forums with the password, and he will get you set up to download and play.

UPDATE - January 12, 2020

With a new decade comes renewed determination! After a hibernation period of sluggish activity, team members are reassembling to move the ball forwards. Go to our Forums and check out the latest on what's new and what's to come. We have over 800 people who have tested the beta and provided feedback, so don't be shy to join in! The Beta program remains open and is accepting new applicants. All you need to do is visit our Beta Test NDA Page and agree to the conditions, then follow some easy instructions, and you'll be on your way to joining our growing team of testers.

UPDATE - March 30, 2018

Thanks to over five hundred different beta testers, we've made some outstanding progress. The game is now playable from start to finish, and the number of bugs reported with each version get smaller and smaller with every release. Today, it is common for a new tester to play through the entire game without encountering any bugs at all! We may not move fast (we're a small, volunteer team) but we're definitely still moving, and the good news is that there is still time for you to get involved. The Beta program remains open and is accepting new applicants! All you need to do is visit our Beta Test NDA Page and agree to the conditions, then follow some easy instructions, and you'll be on your way to joining our growing team of testers.

UPDATE - March 17, 2016

If you are interested in taking part in the beta testing program (of course you are!) then please visit this link to read and electronically sign the Non Disclosure Agreement. After agreeing to this, the next page will contain instructions on how to get added to the Beta tester team.

UPDATE - March 14, 2016
Alright, we changed the status from ALPHA to PRE-BETA, and that means the end is near! We are currently evaluating the latest release to see if its a beta candidate. I think we’re going to put one more Alpha version out to resolve a few outstanding code issues and to include some artwork and sound effects I have worked on in the past few weeks. Hopefully, this upcoming version will be the Beta. Taking into account work and home schedules, it is possible to have this version out within the next three weeks. Give or take a little. Stay tuned...

In the meantime, please make sure you register on our Forums (link is located over to the right) as we will be using the forums as the means through which to download the Beta versions and to track bug reports. I have also created a public Beta information board (no registration required to view) for general information about the Beta.

UPDATE - March 1, 2016
Ok, thank you to EVERYONE who applied for the Beta Feedback Manager position! I'm not just being nice when I say that it was a hard choice. Lots of good people wrote in, so the choice was hard. However, after reviewing everything we have asked Jarrod Kailef to take on the position, and he accepted. More information will be forthcoming as to how the Beta process will unfold and the reporting requirements, and Jarrod will be the Beta Tester's Point of Contact for that.

So seriously, thank you very much to everyone who expressed interest in this position! We look forward to getting the Beta into your hands soon! Hang tight...

We are on the verge of releasing the BETA! Check our forums (link to the right) for a JOB OPENING for Beta Feedback Manager!

The lastest version of the game has over 8000 lines of NPC dialogue added, new sounds, new graphics, lots of bug fixes, and some other gameplay improvements.

UPDATE - November 22, 2015
We are still working on the game, doing mostly under-the-hood changes and improvements, in addition to documentation and dialogue improvements. Keep an eye on the discussion forum (link to the right) for the latest updates, screenshots, documents and feedback from the crew!

UPDATE - AUGUST 19, 2015: 
Time for another (belated) news update! If you have not already done so, please check the forums (link located to the right) where there are far more frequent updates and interraction with the SDR crew, as well as fellow fans.

So right now we are still working to correct some glitches and bugs, as well as adding cool new features, such as randomly-placed shipwrecks, derelict pods, and abandoned colonies on the planet surface maps. When you discover one of these, you may find some goodies like cargo, items, or money. Also we are improving some animation graphics and adding additional sound effects. We are also working on drafting game documentation so our players, both old and new, know how to use all the features of the ship and game.

UPDATE - MARCH 18, 2015: 
Ok, time for a quick news update! We have been (slowly) making more progress on the game, fixing bugs and implementing new features that will make gameplay significantly easier in certain ways. As we wind down the bug fixes, we will prepare for a beta release, so KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! We will make a beta-version announcement soon, right here!

We put together a discussion forum to facilitate communication between fans as well as the game designers. Click the link on the right-side info bar.

In other news, we had a theme song composed and recorded by a very accomplished Hollywood composer. The composer took a very unique approach for the style. The music starts off in an 8-bit synthesized melody, which is reminiscent of the music of the 1980's computer games. Then, as the main intro screen appears, the music crescendos into a full orchestral theme that sounds like a soundtrack to a movie.  

The game is far from perfect, and we will need some beta testers to run it through the grinder and provide meaningful feedback and suggestions. So please keep visiting this page! More information will come in the future.

Here is an update on what is happening now: Even though this website has been silent for a number of months, the project members have been slowly and steadily working on the game, adding new graphics, code, improved market system, and a trophy system to motivate and reward gameplay. We are getting close to finishing the game to the point where we can release it as a Beta for playtesting. We are very excited about the game and cannot wait to release it!
For now, hang tight and keep checking back here. We will let you know when and how we will be recruiting Beta testers.

UPDATE - JANUARY 25, 2014: 
It would be an understatement to say that we haven't updated this page for a while, so we'll catch you up to speed... 

During the Alpha stage, we made great progress through the assistance of our wonderful Alpha testers. However, some months after we released the Alpha, the project members were simultaneously caught up with the heavy obligations of work and family life and the project's forward momentum fizzled. Not long after we completed making all the changes and improvements suggested by our Alpha testers, we went dormant...again. (Has anyone been keeping count of how many dormant periods SD:R has gone through over the past 12 years?)

Well, about six months ago the project members recommenced work on the project. Many MAJOR updates and bug fixes have been accomplished since then, and the game is far beyond where it was during the Alpha stage.

We have dropped the status to "PRE-ALPHA" simply because of the amount of time that has passed since the last release and the amount of work that has transpired during that period, and we have more work to do before we feel ready to release an Alpha.

Keep an eye on this page for more information and updates. We just updated the screenshots and we will be posting some new screen shots and info as time goes on. We apologize for not keeping up with updates and for going off the radar for a while. The project members are overworked with our various jobs and family matters, but we do our best to keep the fires hot on the SD:R project.

Thanks and we look forward to exploring the Jondd Sector with you in the near future!